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Jericho King - Winter Is Coming - [EP]
Sarah Apple B & Big He - Chemistry - [EP]
Jericho King - Favorite High (feat. Saw, Jay D Ripper & Shema Star) [The Remix - Single]
Rra Rage - Detroit State of Mind - [Mixtape]
Rra Rage - RedZone - [Single]
Big He - This A Big He Beat - [Album]
Big He - Presents the Reo Grand Songs - [EP]
Jericho King - Up All Night - [EP]
Big He - Blue Strips (feat. Jericho (Rra Rage) King) [Single]
Jericho King - For The Winter [EP]
Sierra Jay -Talking Bout Money
Sierra Jay - Young Wild & Cool (feat. Tamara Jewel) [Single]
Jericho King - Favorite High (feat. Swa) [Single]
Yanna Bannz - Let Me Go [Single]
Jericho King - Cherry On Top (feat. Erica Rai) [Single]
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Wey U Cover.jpg
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