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Big He the Producer

Big He...

I am a Music Producer / Composer / Song Writer at UnQuestionable Entertainment LLC. from Detroit, MI.. I've worked with the majority of artist and producers Det. in one way or another, either production or project development. 


Unquestionable Entertainment LLC. (UQEnt) is not just an Indie music label but a full fledge media house. Equipped with recording studio, cinematography, videography, graphic designers, and photographers.


Jericho (Rra Rage) King...


Michigan born, raised with the help of New Jersey and Illinois he was exposed to a variety of musical cultures including being related to a hall of famer Tina Turner and Completing his first song at age 9.

At the young age 17 his life took a drastic turn when he did 4yrs in what he calls rap boot camp while it was prison to others. Upon being released Rra Rage joined the group called LiVe WiRe GooNz and started Fam 1st ILLAtainment. Helping with two LWG albums.

Leading the way with 6 mixtapes from the group Fam 1st Illa and selling thousands of records.  One album entiled the takeover with the club banger "Bug OuT". He joined with "Go Gettas Entertainment" to release a project entitled "Real As It Gets" with the underground hit release "Reminisce"

 he finally releasing a solo project titled For My City. With two of the biggest producers in Detroit, BigHe who produced the first single "I Get It Too" as well as a couple other tracks on the project and Helluva produced the second single "By myself". Allowing for the sale of over 14,000 copies.

Currently he has joined Unquestionable Entertainment along side Big He to release "Cherry On Top" and "Favorite High" under the Alias (Jericho King) Along with another release as (Rra Rage) entitled "Back To The Trap" all produced by BigHe.

With countless songs, videos and projects in the works who knows whats next for Jericho (Rra Rage) King.


Sarah AppleB...


CEO of Moral Mindz Ent., Artist, and Songwriter Sarah Appleb was born and raised in Detroit, MI. While developing a love for music as a young child. She later began writing and recording in studios as a teen. She has maintained a drive with releasing music that has allowed her to gain a following nationally and internationally.  Combining her unique cadences and raspy voice she is set to be a breath of fresh air for hiphop. Solo projects and singles are available through her website and various streaming outlets she plans on maintaining progression while remembering to have fun doing what she loves to do.  Appleb’s most recent project “Chemistry” an EP produced entirely by Big He released December 2019.


Tamara Jewel


 is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Dayton, OH. She began singing in church as a young girl. Upon the completion of her degree from Oakland University, she dove head first into pursuing the arts professionally, in Motown. She writes for herself, co-writes with and for others and is currently working to complete her untitled EP. As an actress, Tamara has starred in numerous stage plays, web series, and films.

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